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Skill Commits

I've heard a lot of rumbling about how all of Michigan's commitments are skill players, rather than linemen. While this is partially true (Michigan also has had a commitment from Will Campbell since the beginning of time), Michigan's pickup of Michael Schofield changed this somewhat. Of course, the fans are never satisfied, and a couple defensive ends or safeties could go a long way to assuage their fears.

I figured this change was more a reaction to the new regime coming in and needing to be established, until I found an article with this fairly interesting quote:
While the current 10 verbal commitments to the Mountaineers' next recruiting class are predominantly skill-position players...
This made me wonder about whether there is an inherent quality of the system, or perhaps even the personality of the coaching staff (while most of West Virginia's old coaching staff is now in Ann Arbor, some members - including the new headman - remain in Morgantown).

West Virginia fans are apparently suffering from the same restlessness of Michigan fans, in hoping that they will stop picking up skill players and start getting some big fellas. The Mountaineer even have 3 linemen to Michigan's 2, and this is still not enough.

I did a bit of historical research to see if West Virginia's early commits were typically skill position players. It appears that this wasn't always the case. Is there a trend here, or just a coincidence? I certainly couldn't decide.

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“Skill Commits”