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Commits on the Way?

Have you heard anything about the Victors message board? Apperntly we are supposed to get to defensive commits by Thursday, one from Texas and 1 from Ohio.
I hadn't heard about this (until today, when it became the hot news). If true, that would definitely be good news for Michigan football.

From Texas, I think the only player we are close to getting would be DeWayne Peace. He is a WR/DB. As far as the Ohio guy, I can't think of anyone that we are close on (that has also been offered). There may be an offer out there I'm not accounting for, or the original poster may have the state mixed up, and Jordan Barnes (Indiana linebacker expected to pick between Michigan and the Alabama schools this week) could be the recruit in question.

More on this story as news of its veracity (or lack thereof) comes out.

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“Commits on the Way?”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:


    Great, another slot WR. Ohio State pulls in 2 top 25 CBs in last few days and we are possibly adding more slot WRs. The pool of defensive recruits are dwindling day by day...

  2. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    don't worry ohio state got zach and justin boren if there's a buffet they will eat everything and none of the ohio state players will have anything to eat.

  3. Anonymous Jacques Auef Says:

    recruits are only great because they are freak specimens in High School. In college, not so much. These great recruits have yet to prove they can compete at the next level. Some will and some won't. The question is going to be if UM's new coaches can take HS talent and make them college talent. They were able to do it with less talent at WV. I think the odds are that they will be more than successful at Michigan in putting together a kick ass team.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    @ non believing first poster

    they want Peace as a DB