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Depth Chart and Recruiting Board updated

The Offensive Depth Chart has been updated to reflect my smoke-fire-etc. information that Carson Butler will be reinstated to the team. The Scholarship Count/Eligibility Chart was already modified to take this into account with the departures of McKinney and Schifano, who have also been removed from the Depth Chart. Rumors have it that Steve Schilling is being looked at as RG, also reflected in the Depth Chart, though it may be the Timeless Lloyd Carr Motivational Tactic being employed in the direction of Alex "Lazy" Mitchell.

The Recruiting Board has been updated to reflect McGuffie and Cox, their effects on recruiting the position, Fred Smith's presumed lean-ness, etc. Starting with the next recruiting class, remind me to make a static recruiting board so as to remove the necessity of all this copy-and=paste crap.

I apologize for the fact that this looks like crap. I'll have Paul fix it later.


QB 1CommitsPresumed LeansProspectsLongshots

John Weinke

Steven Threet (07)

RB 1-2Sam McGuffie
Christian Wilson

Mike Cox

OL 4-5Dann O'Neill

Trevor Robinson
Zebrie Sanders

Elliott Mealer

Kurt Wermers

Rocko Khoury

WR 2-3Daryll StonumFred Smith
Deion Walker
Michael Floyd

Jon Baldwin

Vaughn Carraway
TE 1-2Brandon Moore

Kevin Koger


DT 1-2Mike Martin

DE 1-2
Nathaniel WilliamsNick PerryShayne Hale
LB 2-3Marcus WitherspoonJ.B. Fitzgerald
Jon Major
S 1-2

Spencer Adams

Brandon SmithWill Hill
Rahim Moore
CB 1-2Boubacar CissokoMarc AnthonyRobbie GreenJ.T. Floyd

Cameron Saddler

Glenn Winston

Feed Smith announces Sunday at 6, expected to be Blue.

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“Depth Chart and Recruiting Board updated”